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A Get Georgia Reading Community Partnership

Third Grade Dictionary Project

Alongside the Certified Literate Community Partnership, Lee County Family Connection provides a new dictionary to every third grade student in the Lee County School System in the fall of each school year. This project is only made possible by the generosity of our community sponsors.

Books for Kids



Books for Kids is a grass roots program to provide age appropriate books low income families with children birth to age 8.


Family Connection partners with the Retired Educators Association as the funding source and partnership liasion the Lee County School System. 

This program has has given just over 1,300 books to children in our community.

Currently, the LCREA donate one new book per month to our Backpack Blessing students at both LCPS and KPS. Additionally, they host a monthly book-club with 24 students at Lee County Pre-K and 54 students at Lee County Head Start.

Books for Kids is a foundation partner of Literate Lee.

Literate Lee

Based upon the 2016 Milestones results, only 45.7% of Lee County 3rd grade students achieved Proficient Learner or higher on English Language Arts scores.


As a local initiative of the Get Georgia Reading Campaign, Literate Lee’s mission is to get all children in Lee County on a path to reading proficiency by the end of third grade.


This can only be accomplished through a network of support both inside the classroom and in the community.  


This is why Literate Lee consists of 5 foundation partners, Lee County Family Connection, Lee County Chamber of Commerce, Lee County Library, Lee County Retired Educators and the Lee County School System.  This collaborative partnership will allow Literate Lee to provide programs and services that will complement each other at school, at home and in the community.

Literate Lee aims to do this by building trust with families in our community through consistency of programs specifically designed to enhance the literacy of the entire family unit. 

One of the most persistent problems in education is the relationship between socioeconomically disadvantage and poor reading ability. 


Considering that 26.9% (KidsCount) of our children in Lee County live in single-parent homes and that 21.9% of families, with children, have incomes less than 150% of the federal poverty threshold (KidsCount), Literate Lee has accepted the challenge to address literacy concerns.

Literate Lee is always seeking new partners and volunteers.   For More Information - please email

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